How are items displayed on Spotify?

Merchbar is obsessed with merch. From our very first day, we’ve been totally focused on helping artists and merch companies unlock the full potential of selling merch online and helping fans discover and buy their next favorite piece of merch.

And it’s a surprisingly complicated challenge.

Matching a fan with a piece of merchandise they will love is a surprisingly complicated task that depends on a lot of different factors including things like which artist manufactured the item, item type, how new an item is, design, time of year, available sizes, price, backorder duration, shipping costs and more.

And that’s just the half of it - different fans prefer different types of merch depending on their gender identity, location and many more factors.

Merchbar uses data to help fans discover and buy merch they will love. Said simply, different fans will likely see different items - the items they will be most interested in and ultimately most likely to purchase.

If you have questions or a specific request about merch visibility or listings, please email us at

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