All About Backorders

Backorders can be your best bet for getting your hands on an album. Let’s look at how the process works.

What does it mean if an item is a backorder?

All vinyl listings on the Merchbar marketplace are either available now, available for preorder, out of stock or a backorder. Unlike items that are out of stock, backordered vinyl may be able to be located by our supply partners. 

Who determines if something is a backorder?

Merchbar doesn’t decide which albums are backorders and which are simply out of stock. We receive that information from our supply partners. These partners could be record labels who are in direct control of producing and allotting vinyl, or distributors whose teams of buyers work with labels to locate or produce albums.

What happens when I buy a backordered listing?

We pass your order to our partners who try to fulfill it. They assess demand for the title, and produce/order based on that demand. You may have to wait until there is sufficient interest in a title for inventory to become available. Of course, there are a number of other factors that could delay or stop the process. For example, labels can issue holds that indicate the title can’t be pressed currently, but may be pressed in the future.

How likely am I to receive my backorder?

It depends on a number of factors such as the relative popularity of the title, the label’s relationship with the artist, the location where the album is pressed, etc. We try to give you an idea of the delivery window on each backorder listing page (for example “This item is on backorder and is estimated to ship in up to 8 weeks (June 2023)”). We receive that estimate from our supply partners, and it’s based on historical fulfillment data. Typically, the shorter the wait you see on the listing, the higher the chance your order will be fulfilled in that window. For example, about 95% of the orders in the 1-2 week window ship on time.

What happens if my backorder can’t be fulfilled?

If our partners cannot locate the title you’re looking for within 120 days, we’ll cancel your order and refund your purchase. You can always cancel your order at any time prior to your order shipping. Get in touch with our Fan Support team to get the ball rolling.
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