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Our Promise

Every day at Merchbar we aim to see our mission in action — to inspire human connection through music and culture. We work hard to ensure a positive experience for all fans, but we also understand that things can happen along the way. Records are damaged in transit, birthday presents arrive late, and it can be very frustrating for all parties involved. We always want to make things right and to take care of you through Fan Support. 
Below you can see our Tolerance Policy, Enforcement, and Fan Support Guidelines + Guarantees, which contain our guarantees to you, as well as other helpful information to help navigate your Merchbar experience

Fan Support Guidelines + Guarantees

Merchbar Fan Support serves as a resource for fans to ask questions regarding their purchases. Often, fans can forget that they are sending messages to real, live human beings — human beings with feelings. Our team wants to help you, so please be kind. 
  1. Fan Satisfactionif we made an error, we will make it right!
Your discount code didn’t apply? Your order didn’t arrive within 30 days? We will do what it takes to make your experience positive. 
  1. Mutual Respect — help us help you!
We understand that things happen, and not everything goes to plan. Our Fan Support staff will get you squared away, but please communicate with respect. We have a zero tolerance policy for hostility and foul language.
  1. Prompt Responses — all inquiries will be responded to within 1-2 business days.
We know what it’s like to spend hard earned money. We value your time. We value getting you the answers you need. Our Fan Support team works around the clock to answer inquiries as they come in. All inquiries will be responded to within 1-2 business day, often sooner. 
  1. Fan Feedback — we value fan feedback, good or bad. 
If you have any feedback, we are here to listen and learn. We value our fan feedback, and use it to create better experiences across the board. Good or bad, hit us at  
  1. Price Match Guarantee 
We work directly with artists and their official merchandise providers. At Merchbar, the price listed always mirrors the exact prices available from the artists’ official stores. If you see a lower price on an official store, please reach out to us here for a price adjustment!

Merchbar Tolerance Policy

Examples of behavior that contribute to a positive environment for all fans include:
  • Use of respectful language
  • Portrayal of empathy and understanding
Examples of unacceptable behavior from fans include (but is not limited to):
  • Use of threatening, sexual, or offensive language
  • Use of profanity or other foul language
  • Trolling, insulting/derogatory comments, and personal attacks
  • Publishing private information, such as a physical or electronic address, without explicit permission


  • Fans who act in any of the unacceptable behaviors listed in our Tolerance Policy will receive a written warning from our staff.
  • Fans who continue to act in an unacceptable way after receiving written warning will have all open orders canceled and refunded, and will be banned from making future orders on Merchbar.


Merchbar’s Tolerance Policy applies to all communication with an official Merchbar email address. 
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