Tagging Products in Instagram

Ever wonder how top Instagram creators like Camila Coelho make it easy for their followers to purchase items directly via Instagram posts? 


The answer is the Tag Products feature! And now you can have the same ability to tag your merch in posts you create.

What does this get me?

By tagging your merch in a post, your followers will be able to click on the item and checkout on Instagram. The order will flow through Merchbar, to be fulfilled as if the purchase occurred on merchbar.com.

Unlocking the Tag Products can be a time-consuming process, and many bands and companies won't qualify to have the tool added to their account. Merchbar has done the heavy lifting for you, allowing you to skip to the fun part: posting your merch and connecting with fans.

What can I tag?

You'll be able to tag any product in the Merchbar catalog that qualifies for the Instagram Shopping program. This means that you may not be able to tag all of your merch. For example, you may want to tag a new hoodie, but you won't find it when you search the Tag Products catalog if the hoodie isn't supplied by an approved partner. If there are missing items you'd like to add to the Merchbar catalog, please contact artists@merchbar.com.

How do I get started?

The first step to using the Tag Products feature is to make sure that your account is set up as a business or creator account. Learn about switching a personal account to a creator account here.

I definitely have a business or creator account.

Great! Let us know all the details via this form, and our team will enable your account. 

OK, then what?

Watch this quick video to see where you'll find the Tag Products tool when creating an Instagram post:

By the way, you can also Tag Products in stories as well as posts:


See this guide for a deeper dive into Instagram shopping tools, or download the complete Instagram Shopping Tagging Guide here.


That's it -- get tagging!



1. How do I upload my catalog to your Commerce Manager?

You don't! Once your account is enabled, you're ready to start tagging. Remember: you're going to be able to tag any product in the Merchbar catalog that has been approved for Instagram Shopping. The products you want to tag will have to be available via merchbar.com. 

2. Does my Instagram account have to host a store in order to use the Tag Products tool?


3. How do I use this tool to help me sell merch?

Instagram is a great place to connect with fans. Now you can get even more from the following you've built: create posts and stories that include images of your merch, and your fans will be able to buy it without leaving Instagram. Build excitement for your next release and then tag it as soon as it's available on Merchbar. Feature older releases and merch for #TBT. Get creative! For a complete guide, grab this PDF.  

4. I have merch available on merchbar.com, but I don't see it in the list when I search for it in the Tag Products menu?

This is most likely because the item you're looking for is 1) currently out of stock, or 2) fulfilled by a supplier hasn't been approved by Instagram for their IG Shopping program. Only the merch you see in the Tag Products menu is available to be tagged in your posts. If there are missing items you'd like to add to the Merchbar catalog, please contact artists@merchbar.com.

5. Who can order my merch when I tag it in a post?

Checkout on Instagram is only available in the US. When your non-US audience taps on the shopping tag, they’ll be directed to checkout on merchbar.com.

6. I'd like my publicist/agent/booker/dogwalker to have access to the Tag Products tool so they can promote my merch to their networks? How can I do that?

Submit a request via this form. We'll review it and reply within two business days. 

7. At my request, you've enabled my publicist/agent/booker/dogwalker -- but they don't see the Tag Products tool when creating posts. What's happening?

Instagram has eligibility rules concerning the use of branded content tools. If we've confirmed that we've enabled your friend's account and the Tag Products tool doesn't appear, chances are your friend's account is not a creator account. Switch to a creator account by following these steps. If that still doesn't work, you can request that Instagram review their account by clicking the "Request Review" button in the Branded Content Tools section of their Instagram account settings, as seen here:




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