Shipping Timelines & Logistics

Consistent shipping timelines are incredibly important for creating repeat customers, artist loyalty and ultimately a great shopping experience for fans. 

UPS conducted a deep study on the impact of shipping costs within a country. These are key findings to consider.

  • The most frequently selected shipping option is 5-7 days economy ground at 42%
  • The longest a customer is willing to wait when paying for shipping is 6 days
  • 46% of customers exit checkouts without purchasing if shipping options are longer than expected. 
  • Ground (3-5 days) delivery and two day delivery each accounted for 20% of shipping preferences

Making sure you consistently fulfill orders within 5 days — the most commonly-selected shipping option — is paramount. The longer a customer waits past that point, the lower the customer satisfaction becomes., the less-likely a fan is to be a return shopper.

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