Managing Inventory

Our integration with your stores creates a seamless, always up-to-date reflection of your inventory on Merchbar and Spotify. Potential customers become lost customers when they can’t purchase unavailable inventory, simply put. 

Thousands of times each day fans go to purchase products only to find they can’t because it’s out of stock. 

Tracking these missed opportunities is one of the ways to maximize profitability, analyzing which products are either out of stock or showing as limited availability to fans shopping on Merchbar.


45 percent of Merchbar’s audience is women, but only 10 percent of products are available in women's sizes. Selling merchandise that caters to women is a must.

Providing products that are inclusive of a key demographic is incredibly important. Women should not feel limited in the merchandise options they have for the artists they love, often left having to buy smaller men's sizes or children's products.

There should always be women’s sizes and products available for fans. Research shows that women account for 85 percent of all consumer purchases, and 58 percent of online purchases. Some of our biggest selling items are designed for women, who tend to shop at a higher sophistication level. This makes size charts and clear photos that showcase products very important.

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