Sales and Promotions

Working with you to deliver sales to fans is an excellent way to boost profitability. Promotions drive significantly increased volume in sold merchandise, creating major revenue opportunities. 

Short-term product discounts as little as 20 percent have increased checkout conversions by 45 percent, driving overall revenue by 40 percent. Products 25 percent discounted have shown a 2X growth in gross sales, while growing profitability by 50 percent. 

Well-executed sales, which include social media promotion from artists and labels, can be a huge boost in profitability. Please see our Planning Your Year section for more information on major calendar dates to be aware of, and how to plan them with our team.


New merchandise means new purchase potential from buyers, and one of the best ways to plan product launches is to build around seasonality. When it's cold, fans are buying hoodies, beanies and scarves. When it's burning up outside, people need that unique koozie for their cool beverages, tank tops and maybe even a new pair of flip flops.

Limited release products based around seasonal themes can make for a huge boost in sales. Research has shown that shoppers spend 25 percent more through online shopping to take advantage of discounted and limited-time offers. That's where things like holiday-themed merchandise, summertime swag and promotional sales can drive major revenue.

Please see our Planning Your Year guide for a deeper discussion on year-round seasonality.

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